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about us

We are a team of founders, builders, investors, and engineers.

We succeed because we believe one thing that others do not:


For example: do you know what caused your customer to buy from you today?  Why didn't they pull the trigger last week, last month or 3 months ago?

Everything has a cause and we have spent 30 years learning how to uncover cause and effect for businesses at a transformational scale.

our secret sauce

Jobs to be Done Experts

Jobs to be Done is a powerful method for framing demand.  We use proprietary interview techniques to uncover the eight elements of a JTBD in detail.  The eight elements are 1) context 2) struggling moments 3) pushes and pulls 4) anxieties and habits 5) desired outcomes 6) hiring and firing criteria 7) key tradeoffs and 8) qualities of the JTBD.  With demand framed, finding a product market fit solution becomes easier and we work with you to frame and coach the solution implementation as well.    

Finding Patterns  


Our JTBD methodology is a rigorous process developed and refined over 30 years and 3500+ products.  That means we've seen a lot and have probably done work in your industry.  It also means we can find patterns fast, can offer analogs of what has worked and what hasn't, and save you a bunch of iterations toward achieving product market fit.


Choosing Wisely


Of course, our success doesn't just come from applying our expertise to anyone or any company.  We have to be choosy with whom we work.  Naturally, we use our experience as JTBD experts to triangulate opportunities before we work together.  In addition, three of our partners have extensive institutional investing experience and we look at this as an investment of our time.  Lastly and most importantly, we only work with people we genuinely like.  Our clients organically become our friends.


Ongoing Coaching


We don't just walk away after we do the Jobs to be Done work and offer solutions.  We are in the trenches with you.  We review prototypes, copy, experiment results, and debate the next iterations.  When we engage, your battle is our battle.  We have deep expertise in creating healthy apolitical teams, designing culture, and framing and implementing strategy.  If the team is not working well, then there will be no speed toward product market fit.


Incentives Aligned


We are not looking for a cash or equity grab here.  We design our incentives so that we win if you win, and we like it that way.  You're taking a lot of risk as a founder so why shouldn't we if we really think we can help?

meet the team


andrew glaser


About Andrew


In 2016 Andrew was the Chief Strategy officer of a $1 billion, 4,000 person furniture company when he hired The ReWired Group to help the company sell more products at higher margins.  Immediately, Andrew saw the immense value of the Jobs to be Done framework and, in particular, The ReWired Groups methodology.  Bob became Andrew’s mentor and they have been working closely ever since.




Andrew started his career in finance as a hedge fund portfolio manager managing $500 million of assets by the time he was 26.  Realizing he was a builder at heart, Andrew left finance to become an entrepreneur.  Andrew’s first startup failed to achieve product-market fit and became a very expensive lesson.  After selling his startup for a loss, Andrew became a strategy consultant to the executive team of TaylorMade Golf and then went on to become Chief Strategy Officer of Value City Funiture where he hired Bob, Greg, and the ReWired Group to help him innovate.  After leaving Value City, Andrew began working with YC founders as an executive coach.  Andrew's coaching encompassed traditional team management but also began to include deep product-market fit work that founders valued.  Since then, Andrew and Bob teamed up to build Laser Ventures to offer this service to more startups.


Andrew has business and engineering degrees from Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania.


bob moesta


About Bob

Since developing the Jobs to be Done theory in the mid-90s, along with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen, Bob has continued to develop, advance and apply the innovation framework to everyday business challenges.


A visual thinker, teacher and creator, Bob has worked on & helped launch more than 3,500 new products, services and businesses across nearly every industry, including defense, automotive, software, financial services and education, among many others. He has started, built and sold several startups.



Bob is an entrepreneur at heart and engineer & designer by training. He started out as an intern for Dr. W. Edwards Deming, father of the quality revolution & worked with Dr. Genichi Taguchi extensively. In Japan, Bob learned first-hand many of the lean product development methods for which so many Japanese businesses, including Toyota, are known for.


A lifetime learner, Bob holds degrees from Michigan State University, Harvard Business School and Stanford University. He has studied extensively at Boston University’s School of Management and at MIT School of Engineering. He is a fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute and is a guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Entrepreneurship and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.



Ryan Conidine


Ryan is Laser Ventures' deep tech and systems engineering expert. He brings to our team models for designing extremely complex systems stemming from his experience in quantum computing, laser engineering and technical entrepreneurship. This experience allows Ryan to apply Jobs to be Done results in especially creative and systematic ways. Ryan has been a founder or founding team member of six startups.  

Ryan holds an M.S. in Physics and a B.F.A. in Design, a combination that underscores his unique approach to integrating technical expertise with creative problem-solving in the startup landscape.

JKim headshot.jpg

john kim


About John


John was introduced to Jobs to be Done through Andrew’s work with The Re-Wired Group at Value City. He quickly realized the Jobs to be Done framework didn’t easily fit into traditional disciplines of marketing and strategy, but produced powerful results. With his partners, John embarked on a journey to discover ways to incorporate this framework to venture investing and advisory work.




John has extensive experience working with companies and executives across multiple industries including consumer, technology, industrials, energy, and financials. Having analyzed thousands of companies, from Fortune 500 to seed stage ventures, he has a keen sense of the value drivers and risks in any business opportunity. John began his career as an economist and real estate investor. After business school, he worked as a hedge fund analyst and portfolio manager. Looking for a new challenge, he entered the corporate world and was Vice President of Investor Relations and Analytics at L3 Technologies. After leaving L3, John has continued to invest both in public and private markets. He is also a 3 time CFO of venture backed startups.  


John studied economics and art history at Williams College and earned his MBA in finance and marketing from the Wharton School. He is also a CFA charter holder.

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