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Essential questions for product market fit. Can you answer them?


What caused my customer to buy from me today?  Why not last month?


What is my customer struggling with that they are not aware of?


What should my business suck at on purpose?

We’ve compiled resources for getting you up to speed on finding PMF using Jobs to be Done and some of our other key frameworks and tools.

Level 1

level 1 TALK JOBS

Conversation Between Colleagues

Complete this section and you’ll be able to have a working knowledge of jobs to be able to hold your own in conversations and understand the language of the practice.


Watch Clayton Christensen Explain Jobs (5 min)


Read the OG HBR Jobs to be Done article (15 min)


Listen to Andrew on Clayton Christensen’s podcast (48 min)

Level 2

level 2 THINK JOBS

Thinking of Ideas

Complete this section and you’ll be able to start applying Jobs to be Done to real situations in your business.  You’ll understand what causes innovation to be difficult and why Jobs is such a powerful framework.


Read Competing against Luck
(4 hours)


Watch Intercom on JTBD (10 min)


Read these blog articles (5 min each)

Level 3

level 3 DO JOBS

Job Interview

Complete this section and you’ll be well on your way to understanding how expert practitioners actually execute Jobs to be Done innovation.  


Read our Jobs to be Done Blog


Work with us!

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