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Build it Right

the First Time

We are your product-market fit coach. We uncover true customer intent to help you build and scale.

“We’d talked to customers before… but talking is not enough. You’ve got to ask the right kind of questions and you’ve got to get to the right kind of answers. What I think is so different about JTBD is that we’re actually looking for the root. We’re looking for the real causes of purchasing or canceling or quitting.”
Jason Fried,Co-Founder, Basecamp

Laser Ventures offers startups access to world-class consulting, advice, and processes designed by former HBS professor Clay Christensen, and Clay's practitioner counterpart, and Laser Ventures partner, Bob Moesta, including the Jobs to be Done framework.

"Bob Moesta has done as much to develop Jobs to be Done (JTBD) theory as anyone - and he's a brother to me."

-Clay Christensen

Our Team has helped some of the best achieve product market fit.

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WHen should we talk?

Seed & A

"We think we have something big and we want to make sure we do this right the first time!"

Series A & B

“We don't have product market fit and our customers are not responding to our  launches.  Help us figure out our hardest problems.”

Series B & C

“We have product-market fit and we don't want to lose momentum.  Help us get everyone aligned on the customer and keep this going.”


Andrew Glaser


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Who we are

Laser Ventures works closely with founders to achieve product-market fit.  Laser Ventures is a spin-off of Bob Moesta's innovation consulting firm The ReWired Group. The ReWired Group helped many startups achieve product-market fit and some reach unicorn status.   ReWired is now focused on working with larger established companies.


Laser Ventures offers startups access to world-class advice and processes designed by former HBS professor Clay Christensen, Bob Moesta, and Greg Engle.


Our lead coach is Andrew Glaser, a protege of Bob's with experience as a founder, investor, and scaled company c-level executive



Bob Moesta


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“At Intercom, we made a huge bet on Jobs-to-be-Done, initially as a way to inform our product strategy and later as a way to go to market. Five years later, it’s still the foundation of our product and marketing strategies. We’ve architected the entire company around the idea that people experience problems in their lives or businesses, and they buy products to solve those problems.

I can’t think of one area of our business Jobs-to-be-Done hasn’t improved. Product, marketing, sales and support have all benefited heavily from what we’ve learned by focusing on it.”

Des Traynor, Co-Founder, Intercom

We help with your
top priority 

Beyond subject matter expertise and iterations, there are other essential tools, frameworks, and processes for finding PMF. We've used these tools to find PMF hundreds of times.  We've documented some of our methods.


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How we work


Within 30 days we’ll understand causality and start launching solutions.


We'll teach you our mental models - a sustainable advantage.


We shape products that work for both your customer and your company.

We get in the trenches with you


Find Patterns

We've done this work for 20 years.  We see patterns fast and save expensive iterations.


Connect Deeply

We become friends with the people we work with. Startup life and life are not separate.


Align Incentives

We win only if you win with a unique incentive structure.


Stay with You

We partner with you over years to ensure success. 

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