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meet the team

We are a team of founders, builders, investors, and engineers. We love to debate solutions and solve problems. We especially love seeing our clients succeed.

our secret sauce

Jobs to be Done Experts

Jobs to be Done is a powerful method for framing demand.  We use proprietary interview techniques to uncover the eight elements of a JTBD in detail.  The eight elements are 1) context 2) struggling moments 3) pushes and pulls 4) anxieties and habits 5) desired outcomes 6) hiring and firing criteria 7) key tradeoffs and 8) qualities of the JTBD.  With demand framed, finding a product market fit solution becomes easier and we work with you to frame and coach the solution implementation as well.    

Finding Patterns  


Our JTBD methodology is a rigorous process developed and refined over 30 years and 3500+ products.  That means we've seen a lot and have probably done work in your industry.  It also means we can find patterns fast, can offer analogs of what has worked and what hasn't, and save you a bunch of iterations toward achieving product market fit.


Choosing Wisely


Of course, our success doesn't just come from applying our expertise to anyone or any company.  We have to be choosy with whom we work.  Naturally, we use our experience as JTBD experts to triangulate opportunities before we work together.  In addition, three of our partners have extensive institutional investing experience and we look at this as an investment of our time.  Lastly and most importantly, we only work with people we genuinely like.  Our clients organically become our friends.


Ongoing Coaching


We don't just walk away after we do the Jobs to be Done work and offer solutions.  We are in the trenches with you.  We review prototypes, copy, experiment results, and debate the next iterations.  When we engage, your battle is our battle.  We have deep expertise in creating healthy apolitical teams, designing culture, and framing and implementing strategy.  If the team is not working well, then there will be no speed toward product market fit.


Incentives Aligned


We are not looking for a cash or equity grab here.  We design our incentives so that we win if you win, and we like it that way.  You're taking a lot of risk as a founder so why shouldn't we if we really think we can help?

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